Westside Class of '59 60th Reunion

Hi Website Members,

Are you interested in participating in a 60th Reunion next year? We are just putting the idea out there to see if there is interest and people who would help with a very informal reunion. We would suggest making the Reunion less difficult to plan so here are some possible modifications. If you are interested, please answer these questions (check all that apply, or answer with an appropriate word) :

Thanks for your response, Waneta Sue and John


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1)   I think the Reunion should be in

2)   I would be willing to help with the planning.

Yes No
3)   I would attend a Reunion in the

  Any of the above

Check all that apply
4)   I would like the Reunion to be

  On a weekend
  During the week
5)   Would you be willing to find your own accommodations?

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6)   Would you be OK with meeting at a restaurant for dinner and brunch that has a private reserved room and pay as you order?

Yes No
7)   Would you be OK with attendees making their individual plans for any additional activities?

Yes No
8)   What ideas can you add that will help with planning?