Westside Class of '59 60th Reunion

1) I think the Reunion should be in
96.3% (26)    
    3.7% (1)
Fill-in responses:
  • Hawaii (1)
  • Total Responses: 27
    2) I would be willing to help with the planning.
        61.5% (16)
        38.5% (10)
    Total Responses: 26
    3) I would attend a Reunion in the
        14.7% (5)
        38.2% (13)
        17.6% (6)
    Any of the above
        29.4% (10)
    Total Responses: 34
    4) I would like the Reunion to be
    On a weekend
    84.0% (21)    
    During the week
        16.0% (4)
    Total Responses: 25
    5) Would you be willing to find your own accommodations?
    100.0% (27)    
    Total Responses: 27
    6) Would you be OK with meeting at a restaurant for dinner and brunch that has a private reserved room and pay as you order?
    100.0% (27)    
    Total Responses: 27
    7) Would you be OK with attendees making their individual plans for any additional activities?
    80.8% (21)    
        19.2% (5)
    Total Responses: 26
    8) What ideas can you add that will help with planning?
    The same as we have had for the last 60 years.
    Smaller venue than Marriot.....check out Mahoney or arbor lodge, Quarry Oaks.....etc.
    I vote for simplicity. Don't think we need the bells and whistles - form follows function, and the function is to connect with old friends IMHO
    It might be better to have heavy apps at an inexpensive place like Fernandos with option to purchase drinks and dinner on your own. I think Fernando’s was only $10 a person and it allowed for mingling and talking.
    Sharing experiences and sharing memories are what this should be about. Need lots of chances for doing this
    Keep it simple. But name tags. Class of 1969. I attended as a teacher, had their Friday Event at. Pizza spot by gold course. A room with table for “ bring potluck starters & BYOB on Friday. If weather was nice could be at outside area like a Woodsie. “Nebraska Style”
    Making individual plans is fine with me, although I think it is a lot more fun if we are sort of together. I like it when there are some planned activities--dinner, visit WHS, football game, etc. I am good with any time of year, but I could not get all to respond to my check. Summer, spring, fall are all okay with me. Am willing to help as much as a far away person can. Nancy
    I would like plans for Friday evening, Saturday evening and possibly a Sunday brunch.
    Simplicity--visit Westside--attend game--eating together--transportation? Uber???
    I like the Friday night gathering, a nice dinner on Saturday
    Any date should be fine with enough notice. However, a void big things in Omaha and Lincolu. ie college world series and Nebraska football and volleyball games. Hotels raise prices and fill up at those times . Now that I have told you what you already knew, have at it. Thanks for your work. Gary Hruby
    Not sure if I will be attending but am following your efforts. I haven't keep much contact and haven't been in Omaha since the last reunion. Will do my best to get there. John Frobenius.
    I just appreciate those who always step up and plan these. Thank you!
    It's about an 1,200 mile commute but I'll try to make it. Jeff...
    see a Westside home football game on that friday
    Tour of WHS
    Just remember "togetherness". We want to reconnect.
    Total Responses: 18